Saturday, April 9, 2016

April 2016: Bookmark contest! The book fair is coming!

April is when I feel like things are hitting their stride and the kids can really do things on their own. It's wonderful, especially since I'm not feeling great pregnancy wise. I had preplanned so that the end of the year would be as planned ahead as possible (in case I was sick or unable to go in, most school things could still run as normal).

The bookmark contest is now an annual event. This is our second year! I saw the idea from another librarian. She had started it to celebrate School Library Month and National Library Week in April. She sent me her document. I changed the school and dates and viola, we had a bookmark contest entry form! This is this year's:

The book fair is coming May 4 - 6 and we are in full media blitz mode! See how I get the kids ready!