Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ms. Dhruv is Now Mrs. Thakkar!

I recently(ish) got married!

Technically, my husband and I got married in January on the 3rd anniversary of our first date!

In January, my amazing students gave me some sweet notes and advice (and a paper airplane, of course…):


Dear Formerly Ms.                           Number 1,
Dhruv  I am                                   Allways live
going to tell                                           happy
you some tips                                    2, Have a
for your                                               good tim -
If that isn't good advice I don't know what is! 

Wedding Invitation

Then for our parents, we had a Hindu wedding ceremony to be married in the eyes of God. 

Reception Invitation (made by me!)

Then we also had an amazing reception in the city for us! =) 

Want to see more pictures and my amazing "Engagement Photos"? 
Please enjoy!

So now you know why my name changed! And soon I will get used to being Mrs. Thakkar, and not wonder who they are calling over and over again...(oh wait, that's me!) =)

Monday, August 4, 2014

New Year, New Supplies! And a Word Wall Idea!

Holy Moly,
School is Almost Back in Session!

(Shameless plug - TPT is having a Back to School sale! Go to my newly named TPT store: Thakkars Thinkers, it's all on sale! Ok, back to our regularly scheduled programming!)

You may remember my supplies from last year. 

Very organized, pretty straight forward. 
What you see: Crayon Drawer - Get the labels! 
Cups for colored pencils - labeled with the color that belongs in it
Construction paper
Sharp and Dull Pencil baskets
Blue cups - pencils
Red cups - colored pencils
Baskets of new crayons!
Marker pack

Around mid - March, for a variety of reasons, I decided to switch over to bins.

The blue (pencil) cup and red (colored pencil) cup are in each bin + a crayon bin, all labeled with the table number.

I am debating buying all the same color or a certain color scheme for next year, but in reality, it probably will stay the same until the bins break! 

Let's be honest... The MAIN reason was that I needed something clip the table numbers to.

After re-taping the table numbers more than twice, I was just sick of kids picking at it. I also used to stick a "word wall" to my tables, with a circle for the pencil cup. I wanted to reinstate that idea, and I also wanted them to be able to move and manipulate the "word wall." The word wall is another of my ideas out of desperation. I don't really have any great centralized space for a word wall (someone wouldn't be able to see it or would need to get up all the time). I also wanted the word wall to be an activity for "fast finishers" who needed a challenge. I have some of the words up each quarter in the reading area, but this way they can see them. I'm debating making 4 to clip one to each side (instead of just one like you see here, so each child would have one) and making a new "dictionary" center where they go to the library website, click on the dictionary link, look up a set amount of words, and record them. (This was literally just a thought that popped into my head). 

Want the word wall? Leave a comment with your email and I'll send you the file! 

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Ms. Dhruv