Friday, August 14, 2015

Googlepalooza 2015 - Ctrl+K

I went to Googlepalooza 2015 today and yesterday! I learned a lot of stuff, including one thing that blew my mind: Ctrl K.

Ctrl K makes words linked!

For example, I want to link back to a post. I find the post. Then highlight and copy the URL:

Then I want to add the link. Let's say to these words: sharpies!

I need to highlight the words. 

Then click Ctrl+K. 

I can paste the link right there! 
Let's say to these words: sharpies! Ahh! Cool! 

Friday, August 7, 2015

September - Overview, procedures

In September, I spend A LOT of time working on procedures. This year, my plan is to teach how to go to the different centers or computer work, and focus on independent work.

I potentially will have 5th grade, so my plan is to have them learn how to log in to their Google drives. For K - 2, we'll do centers as usual

The plan for 5th grade:
Week 1 - Introduce self, set expectations, assign computers, go to Library Website. Explore. (If volunteers in place, checkout)

Week 2 - Review expectations, give out Google Drive log ins, go to assigned computers, practice logging in - have 2 - 3 activities for students. Explore drive, time to regroup and turn and talk at tables. Make Anchor Chart - Google Drive!
What we know --- What we want to know

Week 3 - Review expectations, go to assigned computers, log into Google Drive, explore, do survey, include what do you want to make. Checkout.

Week 4 - Review expectations, go to assigned computers, log in to Drive, according to survey, have students make X (doc/slide/form.), with end goals (below). Checkout.

Goals by November:

Slideshow on how to checkout,
Doc on how to log in to Google Drive,
Form to ask students favorite book

Ok, time to set up those things.

First, what are the expectations?

Independent Work:
1. Walk.
2. Whisper.
3. Ask 3 before me.

Classroom Work:

1. Be quiet in the library.
2. Listen to everyone with respect.
3. Walk in the library when you are moving around,
4. Raise your hand when you have something to say. Wait to be called on.
5. Whisper in the library when you are working or selecting books.

I may have to change somethings around, but I will start with these and can slowly let go of some things as we get to know each other. Previous experience has taught me to be overly strict and then slowly give up control as students learn their roles, I also like to give students autonomy but need structure at the beginning of the school year.

Now I need activities...I'm planning on something for SOAR (our online catalog), maybe a scavenger hunt? Google Doc, write what you did this summer, what is your favorite book? why? etc. Google form on what they did today? Padlet to share your own ideas, and talk about online etiquette?

Then if you get through all 3, a reward - game? Make your own something? Coding? Maybe I need to think this through...or just look at Pinterest? =)

Thanks for reading! How do you introduce Google Drive to your 5th graders? I would love to hear your wonderful ideas!

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Mrs. Thakkar

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Getting ready for back to school!

Depending on who you ask, we go back to school sometime in the next 2 - 4 weeks =) 

Thinking about going back, I'm trying to get ready for the year overall:

September - Overview, procedures
October - Checkout, practice / review procedures 
November - Introduce / focus on nonfiction
December - Book fair / holidays
January - Library website / research
February - March Madness - Vote for your favorite author! 
March - Book mark contest
April - School Library Month! / Book Fair
May - Wrap up
June - Public library tie in and ways to keep learning over the summer!

Seems so simple! 

Thanks for reading! What does your year look like? I would love to hear your wonderful ideas!

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Mrs. Thakkar