Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wednesday Book Review: Ideas Are All Around By Philip C. Stead

Book Review: Ideas Are All Around by Philip C. Stead

Stead, Philip Christian. Ideas are all around. New York: Roaring Brook, 2016.

The basic premise is that someone is supposed 
to write a book today, but doesn't have any ideas. 

However, his dog wants to take a walk, and as they walk they see and find ideas!

I liked how he took photos of real places/things and added his own drawings at the bottom (left). 

as well as the text (in typewriter font!) to tell the story (right).

The 2 page spread below:

The way he describes things was also wonderful. As a want-to-be-writer, I loved his way of explaining that this was his childhood home:

I think Ideas Are All Around has great potential for a creative writing class or as a jumping off point for young writers (like to start Writers Workshop).

If you are doing a writing project, this book has some great ideas to find *ideas!* Want to jump start your students' writing? Read aloud the book Ideas Are All Around, grab some iPads and my quick reaction sheet and get the ideas flowing today!

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