Thursday, February 26, 2015

Little Things Make Me Happy

Did this today to my iPads.
I realize I'm behind the times. 

There are tons of posts about how you should make the wallpaper the iPad number. 

I realized that instead of making all new numbers, taking off the old numbers, and re-taping the new numbers, I could just join the 21st Century and change the wallpaper! I made the labels on my computer, and just used the iPad to take a picture of the label (on the screen and all...just take a few seconds to focus the picture and they come out great)! Then I set that picture as the wallpaper. I did this for all 13 iPads and did a special "Mrs. Thakkar's Hub" label for my hub iPad so I know which is which! We'll see how it goes tomorrow! 

They now make me even happier than before!

They also match all my labels 
(the polka dot labels I got from Teachers Pay Teachers.) 

Editable Polka Dot Tags- BRIGHT polka Dot with Chalkboard-

I went back and forth for so long…they are totally worth it! I use Them. For. Everything!

They make everything cute and coordinated
and make me feel cute and 
coordinated...even though I am not at all... J

Thanks for reading! Let me know how you are organizing your iPads in the comments! 
I would love to hear your wonderful ideas also! 

Keep reading, 
Mrs. Thakkar

Make a tinyurl - 
Find a long cumbersome url?
Copy the url.
go to
Paste the url, name it if you want (
Send it to friends! 

I also use this when I want to send URLs to staff, students, or parents and don't want a missed period or slash to muck up the URL. This way there is less chance of mistakes and more chance of the intended audience viewing the intended content! 

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