Monday, August 4, 2014

New Year, New Supplies! And a Word Wall Idea!

Holy Moly,
School is Almost Back in Session!

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You may remember my supplies from last year. 

Very organized, pretty straight forward. 
What you see: Crayon Drawer - Get the labels! 
Cups for colored pencils - labeled with the color that belongs in it
Construction paper
Sharp and Dull Pencil baskets
Blue cups - pencils
Red cups - colored pencils
Baskets of new crayons!
Marker pack

Around mid - March, for a variety of reasons, I decided to switch over to bins.

The blue (pencil) cup and red (colored pencil) cup are in each bin + a crayon bin, all labeled with the table number.

I am debating buying all the same color or a certain color scheme for next year, but in reality, it probably will stay the same until the bins break! 

Let's be honest... The MAIN reason was that I needed something clip the table numbers to.

After re-taping the table numbers more than twice, I was just sick of kids picking at it. I also used to stick a "word wall" to my tables, with a circle for the pencil cup. I wanted to reinstate that idea, and I also wanted them to be able to move and manipulate the "word wall." The word wall is another of my ideas out of desperation. I don't really have any great centralized space for a word wall (someone wouldn't be able to see it or would need to get up all the time). I also wanted the word wall to be an activity for "fast finishers" who needed a challenge. I have some of the words up each quarter in the reading area, but this way they can see them. I'm debating making 4 to clip one to each side (instead of just one like you see here, so each child would have one) and making a new "dictionary" center where they go to the library website, click on the dictionary link, look up a set amount of words, and record them. (This was literally just a thought that popped into my head). 

Want the word wall? Leave a comment with your email and I'll send you the file! 

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Ms. Dhruv


  1. Love your portable word wall idea. Great thought to clip to each side of bin. What do you have the kids do with it? Please share and send.

  2. Hi Katherine!

    I'd love to send it to you, please email me mrsthakkar2014 at and I'll send it over to you =)