Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ms. Dhruv is Now Mrs. Thakkar!

I recently(ish) got married!

Technically, my husband and I got married in January on the 3rd anniversary of our first date!

In January, my amazing students gave me some sweet notes and advice (and a paper airplane, of course…):


Dear Formerly Ms.                           Number 1,
Dhruv  I am                                   Allways live
going to tell                                           happy
you some tips                                    2, Have a
for your                                               good tim -
If that isn't good advice I don't know what is! 

Wedding Invitation

Then for our parents, we had a Hindu wedding ceremony to be married in the eyes of God. 

Reception Invitation (made by me!)

Then we also had an amazing reception in the city for us! =) 

Want to see more pictures and my amazing "Engagement Photos"? 
Please enjoy!

So now you know why my name changed! And soon I will get used to being Mrs. Thakkar, and not wonder who they are calling over and over again...(oh wait, that's me!) =)

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