Thursday, November 7, 2013

Why Call Numbers Are Important!

Last month, we focused on what call numbers are, and starting every class with a variation on call numbers. 

For Kindergarten, we talk about what to do if a book is lost. 
On the SMARTboard, I have the "To Do" list:

To Do                                     10/22/13
1. A book is lost. How do I know where to put it back correctly? 
2. November Calendar
3. Halloween Center
4. Go to Centers.

We read each sentence in the list and I explain and we practice if needed. 
For #1, I have them talk at their table for one minute. 
Then I ask them to share their ideas. 
I'm looking for them to tell me to look at the call number
Then I write the word call number on the board. 
I then have 3 books to "put away" together. 

I write the call number under the word call number and then write down section and letter shelf in 2 different colors. 

For example: 

Then I ask them what section does this book go in, Easy Fiction, Fiction, or Non-fiction. I ask one student to answer and then ask them how they knew that. We go over that the first row tells us the section  so E for Easy fiction. I write out easy fiction and underline the E. 

Then I ask what letter shelf does this go on. I ask one student to answer and circle the letter. If they give the wrong answer, I cross out that letter and ask them if they need help, then I choose another student. We then discuss how they knew the answer and then I let the student that answered find the letter shelf and put it away. 

I also use this time to remind the students which direction to put the book on the shelf - spine out, with the call number right side up (since we can't do headstands to see the call numbers! They get a good giggle thinking of Ms. D doing a head stand!).

For #2, we are making a November calendar. I hold up the calendar just to jog their memory. I may also go over how to do it together again if the class needs it. 
For #3, we have a Happy Halloween Center - they remember this! This will change to Happy Holidays soon, same idea just now we play the Winter Holiday games. 
For #4, I go over each center and whether it is With a Buddy or By Yourself and we get started!
This is also where I reviewed the Brainpop Jr. Movie of the Week Center and we practiced together if needed. 

In 1st and 2nd, we review how to put books away and why we have call numbers.  

We are learning more about the call numbers in 2nd grade because we are learning the Online Library Catalog system and without a basic understanding of call numbers, it is almost impossible to find the books. 

So, we talked about it, and I video taped it! I then used Magisto to make the clips into one video (it does it for you!). Please enjoy my students and their amazing explanations! 

Video: "Why Are Call Numbers Important According to 2nd Graders!"

Video: "Why Call Numbers?" (I was also having fun playing around with Magisto...=) 

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