Thursday, November 7, 2013

November is for Nonfiction!

Watch our Centers in Action! If only my one friend had not crawled under my desk...otherwise this would be a wonderful video! But, it does show the reality of the library! 

In November, I start introducing what nonfiction is for Kindergarten. I review what nonfiction is and start or review various informational text features in K, 1st, and 2nd.

For Kindergarten, we started with watching the Brainpop Jr. Video: Reading Nonfiction. Then we will look at the word non-fiction and talk about what fiction means. I ask the students to talk about it at their table, we review each week, we add new ideas, and we practice looking at nonfiction, looking at the call numbers and the informational text features, videos to come! 

I have anchor charts for the following pages: 

Title Page:

Copyright Page:

Also, I have anchor charts for the following Informational Text Features:
Table of Contents
(Follow! Pics to come! =)

For Kindergarten, I am going to introduce all of the above. 

For 1st grade, I am also going to add: Illustration, Heading, Label, and Bold-faced word because it is now on the Performance Task for 1st grade. I will need to make new anchor charts for those 4. ( Follow!  Pics to come! =)

For 2nd grade, we are going to go over all of these. ( Follow!  Videos to come! =)

We will go over 2 at a time, then they will practice looking for the information text features and the pages in their reading area books. This will also change the Reading Area books, I will take out all the Easy Fiction books from 2 of the 3 bins, and put in Nonfiction books in the 2 bins, so there are still some story books they can read on their own or with their reading buddies. 

I always love this part of the year, the students LOVE nonfiction and some kids are so tired of stories and are so motivated by the idea of learning something from their books!

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