Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So. Many. Boxes.

I have realized that I need to get rid of some of my school supplies. I have 60+ boxes to go through and would love to get down to 20 boxes + 10 boxes of books. I have about 700 books plus about 30 boxes of various "stuff" - paper, craft supplies, crayons, office supplies, etc...Each box is a paper ream box. For anyone who has done this, what do you suggest? I need some kind of organizational system and a cheap one! I don't want to have to buy too many new boxes or other stuff. Also, I probably have about 2 weeks to do this...any ideas?


  1. I found you through the Blog Hop and am always looking for more information, especially technology and organization. I've nominated you for two awards, so hop by to claim them!

    Oh, How Pintearesting!

  2. Thanks Laura! How do I claim them? =)