Friday, August 14, 2015

Googlepalooza 2015 - Ctrl+K

I went to Googlepalooza 2015 today and yesterday! I learned a lot of stuff, including one thing that blew my mind: Ctrl K.

Ctrl K makes words linked!

For example, I want to link back to a post. I find the post. Then highlight and copy the URL:

Then I want to add the link. Let's say to these words: sharpies!

I need to highlight the words. 

Then click Ctrl+K. 

I can paste the link right there! 
Let's say to these words: sharpies! Ahh! Cool! 


  1. My favorite CTRL combo: CTRL L. Selects the current url in the address field for editing.

    1. Ahh! Thanks Mrs. B.! I may have to do CTRL + hunting! I always knew about Ctrl X, Ctrl Z. Ctrl C, Ctrl V, Ctrl A, etc.... but there are so many others out there!