Monday, June 9, 2014

Volunteer Gifts!

As we near the end of the year, I wanted to find something to thank my volunteers. This year I had 5 amazing volunteers who not only shelved and helped with check out, but also kept my sanity! I had one amazing volunteer who came in every Tuesday and Thursday for my worst Kindergarten classes (2 "SpEd" classes, one diagnosed, the other not...good times for 100 minutes!). 

Anywhoo...I wanted to thank them and I know that I appreciate the hand written thank you notes, so I had the students write thank you notes and I made them into a little book. I also included this: 


It's a purse hook with an apple! How cute! It came in 4 colors - red, pink, silver, and green. I also added chocolate because, well, who doesn't like chocolate =)

If you like the purse hooks, they come in a set of 4, and are $20.99 right now, I bought them on Amazon and used my Amazon Prime - Purse Hook. =)

First I took pictures of each student (the parent volunteer's child), with a letter from the word THANKS - for example, (I needed one more for the S, as one student was absent for a few days and I may have procrastinated a little too long =)  ) 

This is the S with our fave The Cat in the Hat! 

This is one of the Thank You Note books. I took the photo I took, merged them all together, changed the coloring (made it pale green) and added the text and printed 5 copies! I trimmed them down and used Scrapbook Paper, then folded in half  and stapled the TY notes into it. 

Close Up!

All the bags!

Cuteeee times!

Kept getting the bags confused, so made little name tags!

Close up:

I also found adorable Owl Gift Bags
and put the book, the hook (in it's little pouch),
and the chocolate in there. So cute!

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