Monday, July 1, 2013


4 days at ALA. First of all, McCormick Place is Way. Too. Big. After 4 days in the convention center for 3 - 8 hours each, my feet are tired! Add to that carrying all the swag, and my body needs a massage!

I started on Friday with 2 pre-conference sessions. 
Saturday I went to see the exhibits, poster session, and one session.
Sunday I went for one session (and spent some time in the exhibits).
Monday I went in for a committee meeting (but couldn't find my committee...), went to the exhibits, and then went to a last session. 

I feel like my head is exploding and would love to go to Dumbledore's office and use his Pensieve... I have SO many ideas and hope I can get them all down and spread them out to help my staff in the coming school year!

So I will use this blog as a Pensieve! More info to come about all I learned! 

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